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kodi: free streaming software

KODI is simply a software utility that enables you to organise and watch all of your home media. Origionally developed for the XBox, it was called XBMC (xbox media centre). The are now several versions available but KODI and SPMC (specifically for android) are the most popular.


In addition to organising all of your home media, some very naughty people use KODI to stream all kinds of stuff from the internet. This includes Movies, TV Shows, Music, Comedy, Adult content and even Live sport and television.


KODI takes a little work. The more you play and learn, the more you will get from it. In our house it is now all we use. As long as you have a good internet connection of around 10mbps or faster, then you too can cut your entertainment bills and living room clutter. You can run KODI on android televisions, android boxes, PCs, Fire sticks and more. See my links page for suggested devices and the How-To-Guides for installation instructions.


This website aim to give you some basics. But to get the most out of KODI you can learn lots more simply by using you tube and google. There are also lots of groups on Facebook that share ideas and discuss how to get the most from KODI.


Once you have KODI installed you need to add various third party "addons" (like apps on a phone) to enable you to stream the content you want... In my Links page there is a link to SEO MICHAEL, a site that teaches you how to install practically every addon out there (there are lots).


Once you have your addons installed into kodi you can play with the menus, background images and more. These things combined are clled a "build".


To make things simple for beginers... I have created a wizard that you can install onto your kodi device. This wizard will then allow you to use my builds to save you the work.


I Highly Reccomend the following considerations... For live TV and Sports- take a look at the links to Sports Mania, Sports NAtion and Ultimate Mania. Also if you tie these in with the ON-TAPP tv guide you have a great tv set-up.


For streaming Movies and TV shows, Consider a Real Debrid account. It will improve your streams!


Finally, join it will enrich your KODI experience and remove the stress from remembering where you are at with what you are watching.


AND RESEARCH! This website is not the final word in KODI. There is so much to enjoy in you search!